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Patient Records Online – A Really BAD Idea

Today I read in the British publication The Telegraph that a London hospital is making plans to move patient records “into the cloud” (which is to say, they wish to make the patient’s records available online). You can click here to see the Telegraph Article

Folks, this is as BAD an idea as I have […]

Warrantless GPS Tracking

Is it legal for law enforcement officers to track your location via GPS without a court order? By agreeing to hear the case of Antoine Jones, a man from Washington who was convicted on drug-related charges in 2008, that is precisely the question that the US Supreme Court has will most likely have to answer.


Been Busy!

Greetings all!

Sorry there has been a slight delay in posting here. Personal life has gotten just a tad busy.

This past weekend I participated in “Field Day,” a single day in the US where all amateur radio operators go out into the field and operate on portable power for 24-hrs. It is a chance […]

Non-Admin Logins

If you’ve read the news at all lately, you are no doubt aware that computing hackers and “malware” (software that does malicious things to your computer or your data) is very much on the rise. As such, I thought I would comment on a computer setup technique that is very simple to implement, yet stops […]

Social Networking and Birthdates

We all have heard about the dangers of identity theft. There have even been some clever commercials about it on the television. But when the “bad guys” get a hold of enough information to impersonate you to the point where they can establish credit in your name, you are in for a world of hurt. […]

Bill to Legalize Online Poker

With an economy crumbling, wars and rumors of wars all around us, terrorism running rampant, and troops in harm’s way on foreign soil, where do some of our elected officials get the time to propose bills to legalize online gambling? But that’s just where Rep Joe Barton (Texas) has been spending some of his time […]

Happy Father’s Day!

A big “Happy Father’s Day” to all those Dad’s out there!

IBM Turns 100

If you think about it for just a moment or two, you’ll realize the difficulty in a technology company staying relevant for 100 years given the rate and diversity of technological advancement during that time. Well, IBM has done just that.

Of course, IBM is a totally different company today than when they started out […]

Dropbox and Online Storage

If you are a user of an online storage facility like DropBox or one of the many others, have you considered the security ramifications of what you are doing?

Today, computing “in the cloud” is a big buzzword (that should probably be “buzzphrase”). Cloud computing, in its simplest form, is just a fancy way of […]

More RAM is Better

A quick note for those of you who are contemplating buying a new computer…

Many times we are entranced by a salesman or a spiffy advertisement to spend a little extra money to go for that slightly faster processor than we originally planned. Well guess what? A computer’s performance can be degraded by many things…not […]