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Khan Academy

Today I added a link to the Khan Academy’s website (see links under “Education”). The Khan Academy is run by Salman Khan and makes available to the public over 2100 online training videos. These videos are heavy in math, but there are also other subjects covered such as Banking, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and more.┬áHe began making math videos for family members who were struggling in school, and over time it just sort of snow-balled from there.

I am linking to his site because I have personally sat through several of Salman’s videos, and I have to say they are of a very high quality, and in my opinion, worth your time to watch.

Regarding his math-focused videos, the videos start as simple as basic arithmetic and range through advanced calculus. His videos are not “dry,” but rather are very engaging, and he has a gift for making information very straight forward and understandable to the common man. Every so often he includes videos where he does nothing but work out problems related to subjects that he recently covered. Because he doesn’t leave out steps when solving these problems, students of ANY level can follow along.

Best of all, Salman has made ALL of these videos available FOR FREE.

No, neither I nor CompuBlab get any compensation for singing the praises of or directing traffic to his site. I am linking to the Khan Academy for no other reason than I think it is a WONDERFUL resource and I want to make as many people aware of it as possible.

So go over and see what Salman has done. If you like his work, be sure to spread the word. In my opinion, Salman Khan has demonstrated a great application of technology.

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