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Bill to Legalize Online Poker

With an economy crumbling, wars and rumors of wars all around us, terrorism running rampant, and troops in harm’s way on foreign soil, where do some of our elected officials get the time to propose bills to legalize online gambling? But that’s just where Rep Joe Barton (Texas) has been spending some of his time (Click here for full article).

How sad that with the nearly limitless possibilities of good that could be accomplished by applying technology to modern day problems, some of our elected congressmen are more worried about how technology gets applied to gambling than to how it gets applied to educating the many people in this country who cannot read. Even though I oppose gambling on many grounds, I do subscribe to the idea that people need to be allowed to make choices for themselves. But even so, there needs to be a sense of priority here…and I truly cannot fathom how Mr. Barton can justify spending his time in such a pursuit with the myriad of critical issues before our current congress.

Technology introduces a number of “gray areas” and “new interpretations” into our legal system whose laws were never designed to take into account some of what technology provides us today. Posts in this category will be designed to help inform you as to what some of those issues are so that you can have more information to help you make your own decisions.

I’ll post more on this subject at a later time…l

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