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Been Busy!

Greetings all!

Sorry there has been a slight delay in posting here. Personal life has gotten just a tad busy.

This past weekend I participated in “Field Day,” a single day in the US where all amateur radio operators go out into the field and operate on portable power for 24-hrs. It is a chance for amateur radio operators to practice their emergency communications skills in a fun way. I made some new friends and enjoyed helping out.

Anyway, back to the compu-stuff…

I have been watching the technical news over the last few weeks, and when I started this blog I expected to be talking about computers and related technology. However, now I find that dominating the news seems to be two recurring themes:

  1. Mobile Devices
  2. Security Breeches/Hacking

Sadly, part of the news dominating the Mobile Devices topic is lawsuit after lawsuit of one mobile technologies company to another. This is evidence of our horribly broken patent system in the United States, and is also an indicator as to why mobile technology prices in the United States are so much higher than they have to be. In the end, I think the only ones that are winning in this battle are the lawyers…but that’s for another post (or several).

Security breeches have been on the rise, and two world-wide hacking groups (anonymous and LulzSec…you can think of them as two teams in the game) have been garnering a lot of press.

I’ll have something to say about these topics in the very near future.

Thanks for tuning in..more to come shortly…

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