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Hackers Claim They Stole 1 Gigbyte of Data From NATO

This happened a few days ago, but I thought I would comment briefly on the story that hackers from the group “Anonymous” are claiming not only to have stolen about 1 gigabyte of data from NATO computer systems, but they have already released two documents that they claim came from this data incursion¬†(click here to […]

Supressed Study that Shows That Movie Piracy Can Actually IMPROVE Movie Sales?

As you probably know, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), with their HUGE lobbying power in DC, has for years been telling us about the billions (or was that trillions?) of dollars lost each year due to piracy. Even with the inflated numbers, these two organizations […]

Laptop Rental Company Takes Secret Pictures via the Web Cam

A somewhat sobering article appeared over on TechGoblin (click here to see the original story) regarding a Laptop Rental Company that installed software to take pictures using the computer’s built-in webcam and to transmit them back to the rental company. Of course, they never DISCLOSED this minor detail to their customers.

Now, I don’t know […]

iPhone Survives Fall Out of Skydiver’s Pocket

I just had to comment about this story I read over on CNN about a skydiver who lost his iPhone 4 sometime after he jumped out of the plane (click here for original iphone 4 skydiving article).

It seems that our intrepid skydiver’s son once knocked this same phone off of a bathroom shelf, causing […]

Posting Guidelines

Greetings All!

Here at CompuBlab.com we encourage insightful and wholesome discussion regarding technology issues and also the occasional “off-topic” discuss as well.

Since I had not given much thought as to what to do when people actually wanted to comment or post on this blog, I am developing a set of guidelines that should be […]

Congratulations To Our First Subscribers!

I would like to personally thank our first two subscribers to CompuBlab.com!

Our first subscriber shall remain nameless…because his or her account name was an obvious attempt at a “spam” name (a user name that is in truth an advertisement). You have helped us determine that for now, our anti-spam procedures are up and running!


Low Power Fanless Computer

Greetings all!

The blog has been silent the last week or so due to the fact that yours truly has been out of town. However, since returning to the homestead I have had a chance to play with some new computer hardware that I thought you might find interesting…

For some time now I have […]

Florida Voter DB Hacked…AGAIN

Earlier this week I posted about a hacker who broke into the Florida voting database to demonstrate how vulnerable it was (click here for original post on hacked Florda voter database). True to form, Florida officials downplayed the entire incident, stating that Florida elections were now more secure than ever.

Not to be dissuaded, our […]

Angry Birds – The Physics Teacher

An interesting article on eschoolnews.com (note that if you don’t establish an account at eschoolnews.com and log in, you won’t be able to read the entire article. However, enough of the article can be read without setting up an account to give you a good idea of the content) talks about how some creative physics […]

Verizon to End Unlimited Data Plans

On the big battlefield of mobile electronics, Verizon recently announced that it was doing away with its “unlimited” data plans. This could potentially have a huge impact on your Verizon bill if you are Verizon customer and you currently subscribe to their unlimited plan.

This is no doubt in part a response to the explosion […]