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Mobile Technologies Category

Greetings All!

Just a heads-up that I have finally gotten around to adding a new category called “Mobile Technologies,” as this is an exploding area of computing. I have been resisting this category for a while because:

  1. I think mobile services are grossly overpriced
  2. I think smart phones such as the blackberry, iphone, android phone, etc. are grossly over-hyped
  3. I am not a big user of these technologies for the reasons stated above.


Only a fool would turn their back on mobile technologies, as the consumer has made it clear that this is what they are craving. However, as a person who is a technology specialist by trade, I have been underwhelmed with the vast majority of attempts to create useful applications of technology on this platform.

In short, the playing field is inundated with piles of totally useless phone apps.

Now, part of this is just the slow churn of technology moving forward. You have to wade through a lot of bad ideas until you come across the truly good ideas. Or rather, one byproduct of working towards a “good idea” is the production of lots of “bad ideas.” If this were all that was going on, I wouldn’t feel so bad about the mobile technologies market right now. I get depressed when I see so much effort being applied by companies to the sales and marketing sides of their businesses on products that are simply not well thought out. Perhaps a CEO from these companies would say that “being first to market is king…even for a lousy product.” Perhaps that is why I am not sitting at the top of a multi-billion dollar company.

Anyway, a lot is going to shake out of the mobile technology market (we have already seen a lot of that market shake out already). Hopefully what we will be left with is some reliable technology that actually is useful.

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