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iPhone Survives Fall Out of Skydiver’s Pocket

I just had to comment about this story I read over on CNN about a skydiver who lost his iPhone 4 sometime after he jumped out of the plane (click here for original iphone 4 skydiving article).

It seems that our intrepid skydiver’s son once knocked this same phone off of a bathroom shelf, causing the phone to crack. Well, this time the phone ¬†fell out of the skydiver’s pocket somewhere between 13,500 feet and the ground. Never expecting the phone to work, our skydiver managed to retrieve the phone with the help of a GPS application, where he was then dumbfounded when he was able to receive a call with it.

Of course, the phone was completely shattered, bit it is quite impressive that it worked at all.

While I don’t recommend tossing your phone out of the window (especially from 13,500 feet), this story will no doubt end up in an iPhone ad sometime in the near future. Maybe they’ll find a way to make it into an “I’m a mac…I’m a PC” commercial. Or would that be “I’m a iphone…I’m an android” commercial?

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