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Email Server Follies!

Over the last two weeks I have been embarking on quite an adventure (or perhaps “misadventure” would be a better word) trying to get a small email server up and running on my Linux computer at home. Why would I want such a thing, you ask? Well, I have been setting up automated services on […]

A Great O/S for Older Computers

I was putting together a computer for a friend of mine and was trying to figure out what operating system (O/S) I could/should use. The computer is an older laptop using an AMD K6 processor (equivalent in power to roughly a Pentium II processor). The machine still worked (I take good care of my computers), […]

For Secure Computing, the US Dept of Defense Promotes a Bootable Linux O/S

I have to say, this was an idea I had thought about years ago. If you want to be free of viruses and trojan horses and other malicious software while surfing the internet, the BEST way to go about it is to boot your operating system from a non-writable CD-ROM disk. The US Department of […]

Misnamed Congressional Bill to Track Your Every Move on the Internet

I have noticed that when a major political topic is talked about in the news for some time (such as the debt crisis right now), some lawmakers see it as an opportunity to ram through legislation that any literate American would object too. Now they have done it again. Using a bill named¬†Protecting Children from […]

You Should All Know Better!

Greetings All!

I cannot believe that I let an entire month go by with not so much as a single post. The day job got very crazy for a while there and I just never had a moment to formulate my thoughts on the many subjects that came flying by. In fact, I started 4 […]