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Why Your Personal Information Is Not Safe

Of all the technology mis-information that is dispersed to the common public, the one that gets my blood burning faster than just about anything else is when some company representative insists that “your data is safe with us.”

Look folks, here’s the deal. Your data is just not all that safe. Not your personal information […]

Black Friday 1/2 off Web Hosting!

Want to get 1/2 off web hosting for a year? Go to this link to get a Black Friday deal on web hosting that is unbelievable.

We at CompuBlab.com use this same hosting provider for ALL of our hosting needs. They are large, technically sound, and competitively priced. We just found out that they are […]

CompuBlab Caters to Low Vision

Greetings all!

For some time now I have wanted to make this site more accessible and hopefully enjoyable to those with low vision. I know there are screen readers and such available to help those who cope with less than perfect vision, but I thought I could do a bit more to make your viewing […]

“Throw The Third Switch!”

Greetings to all!

Some time ago I mentioned that my desktop computer had “blown up” without any (seeming) provocation by me. I also indicated that I was looking to put another computer together and that I would let you know my thought process as I did so. This may be of use to those of […]

Geek Alert Category Added

The target audience of this blog is primarily the common man and woman. However, there are times when I just HAVE to write about something I’ve been doing or come across that is a bit more involved and possibly technically beyond the casual computer user. If you see an article posted into this category, it […]

Victory Over Email Services!

I am happy to report that after quite a lot of time trying various email solutions, I have FINALLY been able to get email services (in this case “out-bound only” email capability) running on my linux solid state server that I wrote about a while back (click here for the original post). You would think […]

Warrantless GPS Tracking Case Goes to Supreme Court

Here at CompuBlab, we often look for stories that show how technology has outpaced the law. Take for instance, the good old Fourth Amendment, which protects people from unreasonable search and seizures. Clearly, the framers of our Constitution could not have foreseen the invention of the GPS tracking device.

Reuters is carrying an article about […]