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And Now For Something Not So Completely Different…

Greetings all!

When I first started this blog, it was to provide a place for people without a lot of technology skills to be able to learn about technology from one who could both understand it and explain it. This was a great idea…until I realized that no one is really interested in such a thing!

You see, when I analyzed the web traffic to this site, what I’ve found is that non-technical people are only visiting the site to look for specific answers to specific questions. They have a problem they want to solve…and they want to solve it NOW. They are not interested (for the most part) in understanding the underlying “how” and “why” of the problem…they mostly just want a “click this, drag that, push this button” type of solution to their problem.

In honor of this, I am now shifting this blog to be a bit more technical, bringing it closer in line to an actual professional blog. I have a lot to say about the things I do in my day job (from a technology point of view), as well as plenty to add about my exploits in the lab at home during my spare time (not that there is much of that).

One other change I am making to the blog: I am getting inundated with spammers setting up accounts on this site. I have therefore disabled users from creating an account. If you would like an account on this site so you can join in on the discussion (which is always welcome), I am happy to furnish one…but please use the feedback form under “contact us” to let us know you would like an account. Send us your email address and we’ll get to you shortly.

Other than that, here’s to a new direction for CompuBlab!


Peter S. Lee

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