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When Stupidity Reigns in Technology

I’ve opened up a new category for posts called “Tech Rage,” which is dedicated to all of those gloriously stupid moments in technology where common sense failed. As a technology professional, it has been my experience that most often such failures occur when one or more of the following take place:

  • The developer of the technology goes through a lengthy development cycle and manages to never once use the new product or tool themselves in an environment that comes close to the environment that exists around the target customer.
  • The developer of the technology gets caught up in thinking about how a computer scientist or engineer (or whatever vocation the product is targeted at) would solve a problem, and forgets that their end users are NOT computer scientists or engineers.
  • The developer of the technology suffers unavoidable interference from an unqualified HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion).
  • The developer of the technology gets so bogged down in the details of the product that they forget to look at the big picture.
  • The developer of the technology fails to apply common sense.

Tech Rage is all around us, and I hope to shed some light (and if nothing else, some laughs) about something we all love to hate.

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