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Congratulations To Our First Subscribers!

I would like to personally thank our first two subscribers to CompuBlab.com!

Our first subscriber shall remain nameless…because his or her account name was an obvious attempt at a “spam” name (a user name that is in truth an advertisement). You have helped us determine that for now, our anti-spam procedures are up and running!


Links Added to US Documents

Just a heads-up that I have added what I feel are very important links to the blog:

US National Archives US Bill of Rights US Constitution US Declaration of Independence

The last three documents should be “required reading” for all US citizens, and the links are simply specific links into the national archives. I decided to […]

Reading Category Added

Greetings All!

Just a heads-up that I have decided to add a category called “Reading” which will be devoted to literature of all forms (for the most part technology related) that I feel is worth your time to read.

I decided to create this category because so much of what I want to post frequently […]

Mobile Technologies Category

Greetings All!

Just a heads-up that I have finally gotten around to adding a new category called “Mobile Technologies,” as this is an exploding area of computing. I have been resisting this category for a while because:

I think mobile services are grossly overpriced I think smart phones such as the blackberry, iphone, android phone, […]

Where to Begin?

Ahhh…the start of a blog. Where do I begin? Certainly not by telling you WHY I am writing this blog. That is already available on the About Us page. I guess to let you know that I have been giving though to the content of this blog for some time, and I am every so […]

Greetings To All!

This post commemorates the official opening of CompuBlab.com! We hope you will enjoy it…