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State of Wireless Phone Tech Support and the Offshore Call Center

One of the blessings…or possibly “curse”…of being a computing professional is that over time it becomes easy to tell when someone is trying to dazzle you with a bunch of technical “BS”. Right now it seems that the leaders in technical BS are those companies involved in the wireless phone industry…and no where is it […]

iPhone Survives Fall Out of Skydiver’s Pocket

I just had to comment about this story I read over on CNN about a skydiver who lost his iPhone 4 sometime after he jumped out of the plane (click here for original iphone 4 skydiving article).

It seems that our intrepid skydiver’s son once knocked this same phone off of a bathroom shelf, causing […]

Verizon to End Unlimited Data Plans

On the big battlefield of mobile electronics, Verizon recently announced that it was doing away with its “unlimited” data plans. This could potentially have a huge impact on your Verizon bill if you are Verizon customer and you currently subscribe to their unlimited plan.

This is no doubt in part a response to the explosion […]

Mobile Technologies Category

Greetings All!

Just a heads-up that I have finally gotten around to adding a new category called “Mobile Technologies,” as this is an exploding area of computing. I have been resisting this category for a while because:

I think mobile services are grossly overpriced I think smart phones such as the blackberry, iphone, android phone, […]