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Verizon to End Unlimited Data Plans

On the big battlefield of mobile electronics, Verizon recently announced that it was doing away with its “unlimited” data plans. This could potentially have a huge impact on your Verizon bill if you are Verizon customer and you currently subscribe to their unlimited plan.

This is no doubt in part a response to the explosion […]

Hacker Gets Into Florida Voting Database

There has been an awful lot of news lately regarding various different computer hacking organizations that have been out to make a statement about the state of computer security (or rather, the lack thereof) in the world at this time. I have commented on some of these stories before, and in at least one case […]

Hacked Twitter Account Announces (falsely) that Obama is Assassinated

I just wanted to get this out to all of our readers in case you noticed this today. Reuters is reporting that this morning, the twitter account of the Fox News Politics team was hacked/compromised/broken into, and that the perpetrators were sending false “tweets” out such as:

“#ObamaDead, it’s a sad 4th of July. RT […]

IBM Turns 100

If you think about it for just a moment or two, you’ll realize the difficulty in a technology company staying relevant for 100 years given the rate and diversity of technological advancement during that time. Well, IBM has done just that.

Of course, IBM is a totally different company today than when they started out […]