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How to Contact Amazon.com Customer Service via Telephone

It has rarely been the case that I have ever needed to speak to Amazon.com’s technical support staff via telephone, but I have to say, the few times I’ve needed to do so it has not always been a breeze to locate their telephone number. Since my wife just recently needed to do exactly that, […]

Rules for Running an Open Source Project

Rules to follow when setting up and running an open source project:

Your project must have an unintelligible name that cannot possibly be linked to the actual purpose/use of your product. The stranger the better (e.g. Zynga, Apache, Redis, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) Your website must be written from the point of view that everyone viewing […]

The Dolt with the Raspberry Pi (and the Beagle Bone Black)

As you saw in my last post, I didn’t really plan carefully for the arrival of my Raspberry Pi and Beagle Bone Black boards. Sadly, the saga continues…

So what MORE could go wrong you ask? Plenty, as it turns out. And in this case, my enemies were:

Rapidly moving technology Failure on my part […]

Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black…and Roku to the Rescue!

Recently I acquired both a Raspberry Pi and a BeagleBone Black computer boards. My purpose for obtaining these boards is of course, to further my geek status, but also to explore the possibility of using one or both of these boards for some projects I’ve been toying with.

At the top of my project list […]

Using the Raspberry Pi for PSK31

Recently I have been working in Amateur Radio to develop a portable communications package that I can use both for the Amateur Radio field day as well as for emergency communications deployments…whether official or just for personal experience. Since digital modes are very handy when it comes to making contacts in emergencies, I have been […]

The C++ Programming Language (4th edition): Bjarne Stroustrup, Thou Art The Man!

Scripting languages today are incredibly useful and certainly varied. Perl, Python, shell scripting, etc. These are all incredibly useful tools that I use on a daily basis. But I have to admit, my heart lies with traditionally compiled languages. A lover of Pascal, alas, the world has moved past Pascal to the point where I […]

Geek Alert Category Added

The target audience of this blog is primarily the common man and woman. However, there are times when I just HAVE to write about something I’ve been doing or come across that is a bit more involved and possibly technically beyond the casual computer user. If you see an article posted into this category, it […]