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How to Contact Amazon.com Customer Service via Telephone

It has rarely been the case that I have ever needed to speak to Amazon.com’s technical support staff via telephone, but I have to say, the few times I’ve needed to do so it has not always been a breeze to locate their telephone number. Since my wife just recently needed to do exactly that, […]

Quality News On Your Kindle for 99 cents Per Month

Greetings all,

My wife and I each own an Amazon Kindle and many times I’ve wished I could use it to read the daily news. I work on a computer all day, and it would be nice to relax on the couch with my wife and not have to have a laptop out to see […]

Black Friday 1/2 off Web Hosting!

Want to get 1/2 off web hosting for a year? Go to this link to get a Black Friday deal on web hosting that is unbelievable.

We at CompuBlab.com use this same hosting provider for ALL of our hosting needs. They are large, technically sound, and competitively priced. We just found out that they are […]

“Throw The Third Switch!”

Greetings to all!

Some time ago I mentioned that my desktop computer had “blown up” without any (seeming) provocation by me. I also indicated that I was looking to put another computer together and that I would let you know my thought process as I did so. This may be of use to those of […]

Victory Over Email Services!

I am happy to report that after quite a lot of time trying various email solutions, I have FINALLY been able to get email services (in this case “out-bound only” email capability) running on my linux solid state server that I wrote about a while back (click here for the original post). You would think […]

How Times and Technology Have Changed!

So last week I switched on my desktop computer, a machine I have had for over 10 years, and during the boot-up process there was a big “BANG”, followed by a blank screen. I powered everything off…counted to sixty…then tried again. The system powered up, which is to say I saw power to the drives, […]

Low Power Fanless Computer

Greetings all!

The blog has been silent the last week or so due to the fact that yours truly has been out of town. However, since returning to the homestead I have had a chance to play with some new computer hardware that I thought you might find interesting…

For some time now I have […]

More RAM is Better

A quick note for those of you who are contemplating buying a new computer…

Many times we are entranced by a salesman or a spiffy advertisement to spend a little extra money to go for that slightly faster processor than we originally planned. Well guess what? A computer’s performance can be degraded by many things…not […]