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Technology in Education Should Showcase the Teacher…not the Technology

We all know that schools in the US are struggling to cope with budget cuts, poor student performance, behavioral problems, and technology distractions that exist in the classroom (referring here to personal electronic devices). That is why I am so pleased to read recently about schools applying technology in a way that is emphasizing the […]

Angry Birds – The Physics Teacher

An interesting article on eschoolnews.com (note that if you don’t establish an account at eschoolnews.com and log in, you won’t be able to read the entire article. However, enough of the article can be read without setting up an account to give you a good idea of the content) talks about how some creative physics […]

Khan Academy

Today I added a link to the Khan Academy’s website (see links under “Education”). The Khan Academy is run by Salman Khan and makes available to the public over 2100 online training videos. These videos are heavy in math, but there are also other subjects covered such as Banking, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and more.┬áHe began […]