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SOPA and PIPA – The Battle is Far From Over

Greetings all!

It is hard to believe how much time has passed since I last posted on the blog. A string of illnesses in our family had us all gasping for air (and antibiotics) for a quite a while. Fortunately, we are all back on our feet and up and at’em once more!

During that […]

Facebook & FTC Settle on Privacy Issues

Some very good news recently regarding Facebook and their long standing issues with violating people’s privacy. The news is reporting that the FTC and Facebook have come to a settlement regarding Facebook’s disregard for people’s private information (see the article referenced here).

If you are a user of Facebook, privacy has always been an issue. […]

Why Your Personal Information Is Not Safe

Of all the technology mis-information that is dispersed to the common public, the one that gets my blood burning faster than just about anything else is when some company representative insists that “your data is safe with us.”

Look folks, here’s the deal. Your data is just not all that safe. Not your personal information […]

Misnamed Congressional Bill to Track Your Every Move on the Internet

I have noticed that when a major political topic is talked about in the news for some time (such as the debt crisis right now), some lawmakers see it as an opportunity to ram through legislation that any literate American would object too. Now they have done it again. Using a bill named¬†Protecting Children from […]

Laptop Rental Company Takes Secret Pictures via the Web Cam

A somewhat sobering article appeared over on TechGoblin (click here to see the original story) regarding a Laptop Rental Company that installed software to take pictures using the computer’s built-in webcam and to transmit them back to the rental company. Of course, they never DISCLOSED this minor detail to their customers.

Now, I don’t know […]

Patient Records Online – A Really BAD Idea

Today I read in the British publication The Telegraph that a London hospital is making plans to move patient records “into the cloud” (which is to say, they wish to make the patient’s records available online). You can click here to see the Telegraph Article

Folks, this is as BAD an idea as I have […]

Warrantless GPS Tracking

Is it legal for law enforcement officers to track your location via GPS without a court order? By agreeing to hear the case of Antoine Jones, a man from Washington who was convicted on drug-related charges in 2008, that is precisely the question that the US Supreme Court has will most likely have to answer.