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You Should All Know Better!

Greetings All!

I cannot believe that I let an entire month go by with not so much as a single post. The day job got very crazy for a while there and I just never had a moment to formulate my thoughts on the many subjects that came flying by. In fact, I started 4 or 5 posts and now they don’t make any sense to finish as they are on topics that are too out of date with respect to the news.

But in the intervening time, something HAS come up which will never go out of date…and that is some basic courtesy from those who join this blog.

I am going to amend the general rules here to point out something you should already know…if you wish to create an account and contribute to the discussion…that’s great! However, if you want to promote your own websites and nothing else, you are not welcome here.

Therefore, effectively immediately, user logins whose emails look like they are computer or randomly generated, or log in names that appear to be simply advertisements, will result in the deletion of the account without any notice. Period.

This blog is here for a number of reasons:

  1. A place for me to pontificate
  2. A place for people to exchange ideas (preferably technology oriented, but anything interesting is free game)
  3. A place to try to help less tech-savvy people understand and effectively use technology

If your interest in CompuBlab is nothing more than trying to boost your search ranking in Google, may I suggest you check out this really good book about Search Engine Optimization:

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